Friday, December 27, 2013

Why I Suck at Blogging

Happy Anniversary! It has officially been one year since I started this blog, and I only have five posts to show for it. This deserves some explanation.

Firstly, college. Anything that doesn't have a due date and isn't graded will not get done, like blog posts.

Second, I have too high of expectations for myself. At the same time that I'm not trying hard enough at this, I'm also trying too hard. I dismiss every idea that I have for a blog post because it's not good enough for me.

Third, and possibly most important, I procrastinate. Blog posts are something that can always be done later, and "later" never turns into "now."

Luckily, all of these problems have a common solution: create a due date. A consistant due date will make me put blogging on my To Do list and will force me to lower my expectations for each post since I can just try to do better for the next due date. So henceforth, I must post something on my blog every week before Sunday at midnight. (This will become once every two weeks after winter break is over and I'm back at college.) Sound good?

This kind of sounds like a New Year's resolution, which reminds me of the resolution I made last year to read 50 books in one year. Right now I am on book number 23... In my defense, four of those books were from the Song of Ice and Fire series (aka Game of Thrones). At about 1,000 pages each, those books are quite a feat (I'll have to post something about my conflicted feelings toward that series sometime). Also, 50 books was a rediculous goal to give myself in the first place. I'll do better this year, with both reading and blogging.

On an unrelated note, what do you get when you combine a joke with a rhetorical question?