Saturday, March 9, 2013

On the Importance of Dreams

It is my humble opinion that dreams are extremely important. I do not think that they reveal a person’s soul or that they expose anything psychologically significant (at least my dreams don’t). I think dreams are often just a random compilation of thoughts and feelings that have occurred in a person’s head relatively recently. The reason I believe dreams are important is because they can be incredibly entertaining. Right when you wake up and can still remember what you dreamt, I highly suggest writing down dreams that are particularly interesting or awesome or just plain weird. If you do, then you will come across them later, after you have completely forgotten about those dreams, and you will giggle because they make no sense.

The reason I bring this up is because I was rereading one of my old journals, and I came across a few dream entries that were just ridiculous and wonderful. Here is one such nonsensical entry that I had completely forgotten about until I reread it:

I was running from the police through a series of grocery stores. They falsely accused me of kicking bananas or puppies (it switched halfway through). I would have turned myself in and explained the misunderstanding, but they wanted me to turn in my steel-toed shoes, which I refused to do because someone important gave them to me. Most of the dream consisted of me running from the head cop who was a really scary and buff guy. Unfortunately, he had spies by all of the banana stands, and there were an excessive amount of banana stands, so he kept finding me. Eventually, I turned myself in because I was tired, and the head cop promised to keep my shoes safe. I somehow proved my innocence by correctly identifying Libby [my cousins’ dog] amongst a bunch of Pomeranians. That’s when I woke up.

Maybe I find it funnier because I can kind of remember the dream from this description. I think anyone would admit that it’s a pretty odd dream though. I also found one about a battlefield and ninjas and Hogwarts, but that one would take a long time to explain.

Write down dreams!

On an unrelated note, I have learned that college life is not conducive to blogging. However, college does provide opportunities to make creative coasters!

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